Saturday, November 3, 2012

She Likes Purple: Small Home Improvement Project. (Mike Will Not ...

We have a great house, I like to think, and there's little we need to do to it. There are about nine million things we want to do, though. This can be overwhelming. How do you make the time to do all the things on your "want to do" list when your "must do in order to exist" list is already pretty damn long? I don't know the answer to that, although I think it involves a lot of coffee. Even more than I already drink.

Anyway, we've been in the house over three years and now have a completed project to share! One that isn't in the garage, that is.?

Mike tackled this by himself, start to finish, although I think Molly and Kyle might have tossed in some support here and there. You know who did not toss in (physical) support? His wife. She was inside. Where the couch is.

Oh, wait. That's not true! I did help decide the brick pattern.?


It really does look incredible and it was a whopping $3. We bought something like a dozen bags of sand and 100 bricks but Mike used a gift card for most of the cost. I recommend using gift cards and husbands for all your home improvement projects. You're welcome for that advice.

Great job, babe! Also, the pattern is really spectacular. Did you have professional assistance with that?


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