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Polish man gets quick face transplant after injury

(AP) ? A 33-year-old Polish man received a face transplant just three weeks after being disfigured in a workplace accident, in what his doctors said Wednesday is the fastest time frame to date for such an operation. It was Poland's first face transplant.

Face transplants are extraordinarily complicated and relatively rare procedures that usually require extensive preparation of the recipient over a period of months or years. But medical officials said the Polish patient's condition was deteriorating so rapidly that a transplant was seen as the only way to save his life. The patient is now being watched for any potential infections.

In a photo taken Tuesday, just six days after the surgery, the patient, identified only by his first name, Grzegorz, was shown giving a thumbs-up sign from his hospital bed. Another picture, based on computer tomography, showed the extensive damage to his skull.

He was injured in an April 23 accident at his job at a stone mason's workshop near the southwestern city of Wroclaw when a machine used to cut stone tore off most of his face and crushed his upper jaw.

He received intensive treatment at a hospital in Wroclaw that saved his life and eyesight. But an attempt to reattach his own face failed, leaving an area close to the brain exposed to infections, doctors said. The damage was too extensive for doctors to temporarily seal the exposed areas.

So he was taken to the Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology in Gliwice, the only place in Poland licensed to perform face transplants. The center has experience in facial reconstruction for patients disfigured by cancer and its experts have practiced face transplants on cadavers.

Doctors at the center said the 27-hour face and bone transplant was performed May 15 soon after a matching donor was found.

The surgery reconstructed the area around the eyes, the nose, jaws and palate and other parts of the man's face. Pictures show stitches running from above the patient's right eye, under the left eye and around the face to the neck.

The donor, a 34-year-old man, was chosen from a national registry of potential donors after his age, gender, blood group and body features were determined to be a good match for the injured man.

The head of the team of surgeons and other specialists, Dr. Adam Maciejewski, said it was the first time a face transplant was carried out so soon after the damage. Face transplants are usually a last resort after conventional reconstructive and plastic surgeries have been tried.

"In such an extensive injury, where the structures close to the skull base and in contact with the brain area are exposed, any infection would be dangerous, not to mention the impossibility to function normally, including problems with breathing, with eating," Maciejewski said. "All that led us in one direction."

"We assume the surgery will allow the patient to return to normal life. He will be able to breathe, to eat, to see."

Maciejewski said that over time, the face will mold to the man's facial bone structure and he will not look like the donor.

The patient is now breathing on his own and responds to questions by nodding his head or squeezing the hands of doctors. But his condition is serious and it will be months before the procedure can be declared a full success, said Dr. Krzysztof Olejnik, head of the team of anesthesiologists.

Another member of the transplant team, surgeon Dr. Maciej Grajek, told The Associated Press that the patient was receiving drugs to ward off any potential viral, bacterial or skin infections, but the face is alive and is healing.

Though he is in sterile isolation, the patient has started the rehabilitation process. He will stay on special drugs for the rest of his life to prevent rejection of his new face.

More than two dozen transplants of the face or parts of the face have been performed around the world. The first one was a partial face transplant in a woman maimed by her dog in France in 2005.

Dr. Bohdan Pomahac, who in 2011 led a team in the United States that performed a full face and double-hand transplant on a woman mauled by a chimpanzee, said in an email he believes that in the future surgeons will decide more swiftly on a transplant, just as the Polish team did.

"This is the way we likely will practice in the future," said Pomahac, a reconstructive surgeon at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. However, he cautioned that patients should be given more time to be fully involved in a decision that will have a life-long impact on them.

"I still think that a traumatized patient, even with all the psychological support, probably has a hard time making the right decision within hours/days after life-changing trauma," Pomahac said.

Dr. Zbigniew Wlodarczyk, who has performed limb transplants in Poland but was not involved in the face transplant, told the AP the surgery was groundbreaking because it was carried out on a fresh injury and on tissues that have not healed, but that leaving such an extensive wound open would have led to infection and the patient's death.

"Such rare but spectacular procedures show the possibilities of medicine today and advance it," he said. "This places Poland in the elite group of countries performing such transplants.

Associated Press


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Thursday, May 23, 2013

'Soldier' hacked to death in London

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North Korea sends leader's special envoy to China

PYONGYANG, North Korea (AP) -- North Korean leader Kim Jong Un dispatched a high-profile official and close confidant to China on Wednesday as Beijing faces pressure to rein in its belligerent neighbor.

Choe Ryong Hae, a top Workers' Party official and a vice marshal tasked with supervising the North Korean military, departed on a chartered Air Koryo flight with a political and military delegation. Chinese Ambassador Liu Hongcai was among the dignitaries on the tarmac for his departure.

Choe, dressed in his military uniform, arrived later in Beijing and left the airport in a motorcade. He was meeting with Wang Jiarui, head of the Communist Party's international affairs office and long a point man for China on contacts with North Korea, according to China's official Xinhua News Agency.

The trip is the highest-profile visit by a North Korean official to China this year, and it takes place as the new leadership in China shows frustration with North Korea and a greater willingness to work with Washington to harry Pyongyang over its nuclear weapons programs.

China is Pyongyang's economic and diplomatic lifeline, providing nearly all of its fuel and most of its trade, and foreign analysts said the trip could be an attempt to win more aid and repair ties.

There are signs of strains in relations between Beijing and Pyongyang over North Korea's nuclear efforts, which included an underground nuclear test in February. That test, the country's third, was followed by U.N. sanctions and a protracted period of high tensions as North Korea threatened nuclear strikes on Washington and Seoul.

The Chinese ambassador's sendoff to the North Korean delegation made up of top party and military officials was cordial. He chatted with Choe briefly, commenting on the weather as they shook hands before the vice marshal boarded his plane.

The rhetoric from Pyongyang has fallen off in recent weeks, and there have been tentative signs of diplomacy in the region as envoys from the U.S., Japan, South Korea, China and Russia have consulted on how to engage with the North Koreans.

Separately, the Japanese government said Wednesday that it was looking into re-opening official talks with North Korea to resolve questions over the abductions of Japanese citizens decades ago. The announcement by Chief Cabinet spokesman Yoshihide Suga raised worries among allies who fear Tokyo's focus on that issue might weaken diplomatic efforts on Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe had indicated he would potentially be open to holding a summit with Kim Jong Un if it would lead to a breakthrough on the abductions issue. Abe dispatched a senior adviser to Pyongyang last week, catching Seoul and Washington off guard.

In recent months, the relationship between Beijing and Pyongyang appeared strained. In one sign, China's state-run Bank of China said this month it had notified the Foreign Trade Bank of North Korea that its accounts were closed and all financial transactions suspended. In another, Chinese fishermen said gunmen in North Korean military uniforms held a crew captive at gunpoint for two weeks before finally releasing the boat this week. The ship's owner said the captain was beaten and the vessel's fuel stolen.

Choe's trip is believed to be the first top-level meeting between North Korean and China since Chinese Politburo member Li Jianguo went to Pyongyang in late November bearing a letter from Xi Jinping, who had just been installed as China's party chief.

Choe may be tasked with trying to improve relations between Pyongyang and Beijing in his meetings with Chinese officials, said Koh Yu-hwan, a North Korea expert at Dongguk University in Seoul, South Korea.

"This is an indirect way for the countries to hold a summit meant to restore ties," Koh said.

The visit comes amid discussions about a possible trip by South Korean President Park Geun-hye to China next month.

Choe and his delegation may ask for more economic aid from Beijing and try to explain North Korea's recent military moves, including short-range projectile launches off the east coast, said Lee Ji-sue, a North Korea specialist and professor at Myongji University in Seoul, South Korea.

Leader Kim Jong Un hasn't visited Beijing since he took power from his father, Kim Jong Il, who visited China in August 2011 just months before his death that December.

China is North Korea's top trade partner. According to the most recent figures from Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency in Seoul, which collects North Korean trade data, China accounted for 89 percent of North Korea's exports and imports in 2011. The 2012 figure was not available.

The numbers show deepening economic ties between North Korea and China in the last few years as the North's economic exchange with South Korea weakened. In 2005, China accounted for 53 percent of North Korea's annual trade, according to KOTRA.

China and North Korea are jointly developing a pair of special economic zones: Rason on the Korean Peninsula's northern tip and Hwanggumphyong, an island in the Yalu River that marks their border to the southwest.

Choe, a close Kim family friend, often is pictured standing next to the leader, along with Jang Song Thaek, the uncle who visited China in August last year.

Choe holds a slew of top posts, including director of the General Political Bureau of the Korean People's Army, member of the Presidium of the powerful Political Bureau of the ruling Workers' Party, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Workers' Party, and member of the Supreme Assembly.

Also Wednesday, the North revealed that Kim Jong Un had named a hardline general, Kim Kyok Sik, as his new army chief. There were no other details from Pyongyang.

Kim Kyok Sik previously led the Korean People's Army until 2009. He also was defense minister, a separate position considered lower-ranking than army chief, until being recently replaced by a little-known general, Jang Jong Nam. Kim is the former commander of battalions believed responsible for attacks in 2010 that killed 50 South Koreans.


Associated Press writers Kim Kwang Hyon in Pyongyang; Sam Kim, Youkyung Lee and Hyung-jin Kim in Seoul, South Korea, and Eric Talmadge in Tokyo contributed to this report.


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Immigration bill heads to full Senate

WASHINGTON (AP) ? A far-reaching bill to remake the nation's troubled immigration system is headed to the full Senate after approval by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Floor debate is expected to start early next month, with the outcome uncertain.

The vote Tuesday in the Judiciary Committee was 13-5, with three Republicans joining all committee Democrats in supporting the measure.

It followed last-minute suspense as the committee's chairman, Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy, announced he would withdraw a gay marriage amendment that seemed certain to splinter support for the bill.

There was also a late-breaking compromise reached with the high-tech industry over visas for highly skilled workers.

The immigration bill adds new worker programs and enforcement, and contains a path to citizenship for 11 million people here illegally.


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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Jenna von Oy?s Blog: Happy Birthday to My Sweet Gray

In her latest blog, von Oy takes a look back at her first year of motherhood - and shares the celebration with a giveaway for her loyal readers.


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The Newest iPod Nano Is Your Deal of the Day

If you've been looking for a good, tiny MP3 player, the latest and greatest iPod Nano is currently $90 over at Walmart.

For the most part, the iPod Nano is the same basic device that has been around in seven different forms since 2005. It's tiny. It plays music. It's intuitive. But the seventh generation model is also genuinely the best: it's got a slew of Nike+ features for the gym rats, the same aluminum construction as other Apple products, and can even pair with wireless headphones thanks to Bluetooth capabilities. It comes in one size: 16GB.

The $90 Nano Walmart's selling is a refurb?so it won't have the customary Applecare warranty?but at $60 less than a new one and $40 less than a refurb from Apple, it's well worth the risk. [Walmart via 9to5Toys]

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It's the last day for most of the discounts at Amazon's Mayhem sale.

? Alan Wake + American Nightmare [Steam] (Pay what you want) | Humble

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I have these headphones. They're amazing headphones?and they're also bit of an industry standard for people who need quality neutral sound. Right now they're $55 at Amazon, which is a pretty solid price. I paid $20 more than that and they don't go on sale often. [Amazon]

? Sony MDR-V6 ($54.41) | Amazon | Originally $70

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Timbuk2, the San Francisco-based maker of messenger bags, is holding a 25% off MSRP sale on their website. Amazon has price-matched. These aren't the hottest Timbuk2 deals we've ever seen, but when backpack-buying season starts up in earnest?say, August?I don't think you'll be able to find a deal like this. [Amazon]

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Physical Media

? Michael Clayton ($5) | Amazon via Brand Name Coupons | Originally $8

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Digital Media

If you hadn't heard, Redbox does streaming now, and as an enticement to get you to make an account and plug your credit card in (although you don't necessarily have to pay anything) they're streaming The Hobbit for free. The Blu-ray's still going for nearly $25. [Redbox via 9to5Toys]


? 20% off Dell Financial Services | Use coupon code 20ANYDELL


Not today! But last night?briefly?Staples was selling the Microsoft Surface for $400. Here's hoping we see another deal like that soon.


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? Free Toothpaste | Arm & Hammer

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Blogger threatened with $1 billion suit for writing about allegedly ...

Judge's gavel image courtesy of ShutterstockJeffrey Beall, a US academic librarian who uses his Scholarly Open Access blog to write about publishers' dubious practices, is being threatened with a $1 billion lawsuit by an Indian publishing group.

Beall keeps a running list, known as "Beall's list," of journals and publishers who do fishy things such as spamming scholars or charging bogus fees.

As Ars Technica's Nathan Mattise tells it, Beall's work has earned him notice from the likes of the New York Times.

In an April 7 article, the NYT tells of one such fishy scheme in the "exploding world of pseudo academia."

After signing up for what they thought was a prestigious entomology conference, scientists recruited for "Entomology-2013" (lose the hyphen and you've got the name of a legitimate, academically sanctioned conference) found that they had been recruited by email, as opposed to being vetted by leading academics.

To add insult to injury, those who agreed to appear were charged "a hefty fee" for the privilege of appearing on a podium and being able to pad their resume with the negligible accomplishment, according to the NYT.

It's one example of "a parallel world of pseudo-academia, complete with prestigiously titled conferences and journals that sponsor them," the NYT's Ginan Kolata reports, with many journals and meetings adopting names that are "nearly identical to those of established, well-known publications and events."

Usher in Beall, the watchdog who keeps tabs on the publishing end of this predatory phenomenon.

Beall maintains a blacklist of what he calls "predatory open-access journals."

The list enumerated 20 publishers in 2010 and has since grown to more than 300.

Speaking with the NYT, Beall estimated at least 25 percent of the total number of open-access journals published today are predatory?as many as 4,000.

In fact, a clear example of predatory publishers' spamming ways are emails Beall gets from publishers asking to be added to his list of predators.

Beall writes here about one such email, wherein a correspondent who describes himself as "a internee for International Journal of Biology" asks that the journal be listed.

Beall investigated this one in particular and found deceit:

"The new journal [claims to have] 'published' four issues, but upon closer examination, it really hasn?t. It?s a ruse. Among the four issues, there are only six articles. At least some of them are copied from the former BioMed Central (BMC) journal called the Journal of Biology. In 2010, this journal merged with BMC Biology, and the merged journal is called BMC Biology."

"The publisher of the new journal has taken previously-published articles and edited them, changing some of the words, and published them as new original articles in the journal."

It is this kind of detective work that's raised the ire of the OMICS Publishing Group, based in India.

Lawsuit image courtesy of ShutterstockAccording to the Chronicle of Higher Education, Beall on Tuesday received a letter from an IP management firm's lawyer, warning him that he could be imprisoned for up to three years under India's Information Technology Act.

Beall has accused OMICS of spamming scholars with invitations to publish, quickly accepting their papers, then charging them a nearly $3,000 publishing fee after accepting a paper.

The Chronicle of Higher Education calls the six-page letter "rambling".

In the letter, the IP management firm calls Beall's blog "ridiculous, baseless, impertinent," and says that it "smacks of literal unprofessionalism and arrogance."

Here's an excerpt, all nonstandard English being sic:

"All the allegation that you have mentioned in your blog are nothing more than fantastic figment of your imagination by you and the purpose of writing this blog seems to be a deliberate attempt to defame our client. ? Our client perceive the blog as mindless rattle of a incoherent person and please be assured that our client has taken a very serious note of the language, tone, and tenure adopted by you as well as the criminal acts of putting the same on the Internet."

Is Beall in danger?

In India, Section 66A of the Information Technology Act makes it illegal to use a computer to publish "any information that is grossly offensive or has menacing character" or to publish false information. The punishment can, in fact, be as much as three years in prison.

According to the Chronicle, were the lawsuit to go forward, Beall would likely win in a US court, if the statements on his blog are in fact true. Were the suit filed in India, the situation gets hazier.

As it is, Section 66A has led to public pushback in India, which in turn has led to the government modifying the law such that complaints must now first be approved by a police deputy commissioner or inspector general.

If the suit does go to litigation, will Beall be looking at paying the Dr. Evil-ish sum of one billion dollars?

Beall thinks the idea is "silly":

"The amount is silly?I haven't done any damage to their operation. ? The case has no merit, in my opinion."

Good luck with the situation, Mr. Beall.

May you and other watchdogs not get hounded into silence by vindictive litigation, which this certainly sounds to me like it might be.

Images of lawsuit papers and gavel courtesy of Shutterstock.


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Iran agency says it heard Rafsanjani and Mashaie barred from vote

DUBAI (Reuters) - Iran's semi-official Mehr news agency said on Tuesday that it had heard that the Guardian Council, which is vetting candidates for next month's presidential election, had barred former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and a leading ally of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad from running.

If true, the exclusion of Rafsanjani and Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie, a former chief of staff to Ahmadinejad detested by the clerical establishment, would leave the presidential race dominated by hardline conservatives close to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

The Council, a conservative body of clerics and jurists, had until Tuesday to announce to the Interior Ministry which of around 700 would-be candidates it will allow to contest the June 14 poll.

The Interior Ministry said the names of approved candidates would be announced on Wednesday, according to Iran's English-language Press TV.

Mehr said its reporter had heard a list of eight candidates approved by the Council that did not include either Rafsanjani or Mashaie. Mehr gave no source for its story and Reuters could not confirm it.

"It is worth mentioning that the Guardian Council has still not yet officially announced these names, and the listed names are just what Mehr's reporter has heard," the report said.

The eight approved candidates listed by Mehr included chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, Tehran mayor Mohammad Baqer Qalibaf, former nuclear negotiator Hassan Rohani and former foreign minister Ali Akbar Velayati.

A spokesman for the Guardian Council said on Monday that it would bar physically feeble candidates, a comment seen by many as a hint that it could disqualify the 78-year-old Rafsanjani.

Analysts regard Rafsanjani, sidelined from power over his tacit support for opposition leaders after the disputed 2009 election, as a significant challenge to Khamenei.

They say he would be likely to attract more reform-minded, liberal voters who might otherwise not vote. Rafsanjani had said he would not stand unless Khamenei approved his candidacy.

(Reporting By Yeganeh Torbati; Editing by Kevin Liffey)


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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

'Clouds' Singer Dies Of Cancer At 18 - Hollywood Life

Zach Sobiech Dead

Courtesy of Facebook

So sad. The Minnesota teen, who wrote and posted a farewell song on YouTube during his bone-cancer fight, succumbed to his illness at home on May 19.

Zach Sobiech,?who fought bone cancer since?he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma?at 14 years old, was told by doctors in June 2012 that he had less than a year to live. Zach wrote, recorded and released ?Clouds,? a song about facing death, on YouTube in December, and it?s been viewed at least three million times since its release.

Zach Sobiech Dead ? ?Clouds? Singer Dies Of Cancer At 18

?Zach was at home and at peace with those he loved most. Zach?s life ended just as he lived, embraced by the love of his family, friends, grace and music,??the Children?s Cancer Research Fund announced on its?website.

The Children?s Cancer site added,??Cancer may have taken Zach too soon, but he leaves a lasting legacy that many of us will never achieve. His message of love and hope delivered through infectious lyrics and simple tunes have imprinted on the minds and hearts of millions around the world.?

Zach?s family, who hope to carry on his mission to help kids with cancer, released a statement as well.

?It is with heavy heart that we announce the passing of our son Zachary David Sobiech.?Our family has been blessed not only by his amazing presence in our lives, but also by the love and support of our family and friends and by so many people in the community. In particular we?d like to thank those people who listened with their hearts and helped Zach bring his message and his music to the world,??his family said in a statement, obtained by the?Today?show.

Zach Sobiech: Mission To Help Kids With Cancer Continues

Zach?s?parents Rob and Laura, and siblings Alli, Sam and Grace ask that all memorials be directed to the Zach Sobiech Osteosarcoma Fund.

This news is so sad. Our thoughts go out to Zach?s friends and family at this time. Please take a moment to listen to his beautiful song below.

WATCH:?Clouds by Zach Sobiech

Subscribe to me on YouTube

? Chris Rogers

More Sad News On Hollywood Life:

  1. Dick Trickle: NASCAR Driver Dead At 71 Of Alleged Suicide
  2. South Carolina Mom Shoots Son, 5, & Daughter, 7, Dead In Their Beds
  3. Kenneth Battelle, Hairdresser To Jackie Kennedy, Dead At 86


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BoE governor King warns of euro risk to British recovery

This coming?weekend is a big one for?Saturday Night Live. It marks the end of Bill Hader's tenure on the show and Ben Affleck's fifth time hosting. But perhaps the most significant reason to tune in is the fact that Kanye West is the musical guest, and he's making it seem like he really, really doesn't want to be. With West's apparent frustration with the show and his penchant for, shall we say ... off-the-cuff remarks, producers should be worried and we should be excited. Is there a better combo than that?


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Monday, May 20, 2013

NBC hires news division chief from Britain

This undated image released by NBC shows newly named President of NBC News, Deborah Turness. She will be based at the NBC News headquarters in New York and begin her new role on August 5. (AP Photo/NBC)

This undated image released by NBC shows newly named President of NBC News, Deborah Turness. She will be based at the NBC News headquarters in New York and begin her new role on August 5. (AP Photo/NBC)

(AP) ? NBC went out of the company and out of the country to find a president for its news division, on Monday naming the first woman to hold the top job.

Deborah Turness, former editor of ITV News in Britain, replaces Steve Capus, who resigned earlier this year, and will begin her new job in August.

Turness will take over a news division bruised by the "Today" show losing its long-held dominant position in the morning to ABC's "Good Morning America." NBC's flagship "Nightly News" broadcast still tops the evening news ratings, but anchor Brian Williams recently saw his "Rock Center" newsmagazine abruptly canceled after less than two years on the air.

"It is quite simply the greatest imaginable honor to be named as the next president of NBC News," Turness said.

In NBC's new management structure, she reports to Pat Fili-Krushel, head of the NBC Universal News Group, as do MSNBC President Phil Griffin and CNBC President Mark Hoffman.

Fili-Krushel was not immediately available for comment. She said in a statement that Turness is "very familiar" with NBC News through a partnership the two networks have.

Turness, who is 46, became editor of ITV News in 2004, the first woman and youngest person to hold that job. Often overshadowed by the state-funded BBC, ITV is Britain's largest commercial television network. ITN, which is 40 percent owned by ITV, is Britain's top commercial news producer. Turness joined the company in 1988 as a news producer and worked for four years during the 1990s in the company's Washington bureau.

"Deborah epitomizes everything that is best about ITN, inspiring our newsrooms with her ideas, enthusiasm and energy," said John Hardie, CEO of ITN. As editor of ITV News, Turness was in charge of news coverage and business operations.

The morning will no doubt be her top priority upon joining NBC. The decline of "Today" is a major blow to the company's pride and bottom line. Women dominate the show's viewership and the ham-fisted replacement of anchor Ann Curry with Savannah Guthrie last year tore at the show's popularity. It has not gone unnoticed that men supervised the show during its turnover.

Within the next two years, Turness will likely be responsible for choosing Matt Lauer's successor on "Today" should the long-running anchor decide to leave.

"Nightly News" still has a comfortable lead in evening news ratings over ABC and CBS. But Turness will probably face lingering morale issues related to the cancellation of "Rock Center" after being bounced around the network's prime-time schedule.


Associated Press writer Raphael Satter in London contributed to this report.

Associated Press


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juliaestep1: Binding Between Seo And Website Designing

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By having an RGB color scheme an adult brand can reproduce vivid colors that through renovation fabulous effects. All this makes the whole surfing an exciting and entertaining go through. Hence, the visitors stick to such websites for much longer and the websites gain popularity. So, it would be correct in summary that a good adult designer should know how to play with colors!

website designing

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Yahoo's Board Approves $1.1 Billion Purchase Of Tumblr - Business ...

Yahoo's board approved the plan to buy Tumblr for $1.1 billion in cash, Kara Swisher at All Things D reports.

Previous reports said that Tumblr's board had OK'd Yahoo buying Tumblr, so it looks like it's a done deal.

Marissa Mayer has made her first big move as CEO of Yahoo. She's buying a social networking site with a younger audience, and a ton of page views. Now it's time to monetize the thing.

Tumblr has just $13 million in revenue right now. It should be able to increase that revenue following the model of Twitter and Facebook.

People who use Tumblr follow other Tumblrs through a "Dashboard." This works like Twitter or Facebook with other Tumblr blog posts flowing through a timeline. Presumably, Tumblr can start inserting ads between users posts like Twitter inserts sponsored posts.

Tumblr has raised $125 million in funding. It's last round of funding reportedly valued the company at $800 million. It was looking for more funding when Yahoo stepped in.

Reports on the deal say that Tumblr's 26-year-old CEO David Karp will be able to operate fairly autonomously. Karp will be locked into a four-year deal to stay at Tumblr, All Things D reported. That should assuage the fears of any Tumblr users about how things could change (for the worse) under Yahoo.


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When casual words from friends hurt

goo Ranking published quite an entertaining pair of surveys, looking at what casual words from female friends hurt men and what casual words from male friends hurt women.


Over the 4th and 5th of April 2013 1,101 members of the goo Research online monitor group completed a private internet-based questionnaire. 50.6% of the sample were male, 23.3% in their teens, 25.2% in their twenties, 25.5% in their thirties, and 26.1% in their forties; there was no-one older than 49 in this sample. Note that the score in the results refers to the relative number of votes for each option, not a percentage of the total sample.

Number 3 I get quite a bit, but I put it down to either my bad Japanese or funny accent? To be honest, I?ve probably heard most of the list at one time or another?

Ranking results

Q1: What casual words from female friends hurt? (Sample size=557, male)

Rank ? Score
1= Eh? You were there? 100
1= Sorry, but just be quiet for a bit 100
3 I don?t know what you?re saying 85.5
4 And yet you seem attractive to women, right? 74.2
5 By the way, you understand the meaning of what was said? 71.0
6= I see? and the punchline is? 66.1
6= Your salary?s unexpectedly low! 66.1
6= You?re diligent indeed. 66.1
9 Even though you?re a guy you do that? 62.9
9= Don?t they say you?re different? 62.9
11= You never learn! 59.7
11= That stuff you talked about, I?d heard it before 59.7
11= What if you were a bit more masculine? 59.7
14= It would be better if you knew more about the world 53.2
14= And you?re not married? 53.2
14= You look older than your age 53.2
17 You?re cute! 51.6
18 It?s OK, I wasn?t expecting you to achieve that anyway 45.2
19 Talking with you feels like when I?m talking with my girl friends 33.9
20= Your name and your face don?t match 32.3
20= When people get to know you well they?ll realise you?re a good person 32.3
20= You?re cool in your old photos 32.3
23= Your clothes were all the rage last year, right? 27.4
23= You can cook? 27.4
25 You fair put the food away 25.8

Q2: What casual words from male friends hurt? (Sample size=544, female)

Rank ? Score
1 Sorry, but just be quiet for a bit 100
2 You understand the meaning of what was said? 97.1
3 I don?t know what you?re saying 95.7
4 That stuff you talked about, I?d heard it before 91.4
5 Eh? You were there? 82.9
6 It would be better if you knew more about the world 78.6
7 You never learn! 75.7
8= It?s OK, I wasn?t expecting you to achieve that anyway 70.0
8= Don?t they say you?re different? 70.0
10 You can cook? 68.6
11 You?re diligent indeed. 65.7
12 I see? and the punchline is? 61.4
13 And you?re not married? 57.1
14 What if you were a bit more feminine? 55.7
15 And yet you seem attractive to men, right? 54.3
16 Even though you?re a girl you do that? 44.3
17 You look more mature than your age 42.9
18 You fair put the food away 41.4
19 You?re cute in this Print Club photo 40.0
20= You usually don?t bother being elegent 38.6
20= You?re cute in your old photos 38.6
22 Talking with you feels like when I?m talking with my guy friends 30.0
23 Your clothes were all the rage last year, right? 27.1
24 When people get to know you well they?ll realise you?re a good person 24,3
25 Your name and your face don?t match 21.4
26 Today?s a no make up day, right! 20.0
27 You?re carrying on like a guy 18.6
28 That?s quite a boyish name 17.1
29 Your salary?s unexpectedly low! 14.3
30 You?re cool! 10.0
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Minaj wins, Mars performs at Billboard Awards

Bruno Mars ? and his band ? kicked off the Billboard Music Awards in silky red suits that matched their silky dance moves, with bright gold disco balls hanging above them.

Mars performed his new single, the upbeat and old-school flavored "Treasure."

Nicki Minaj, who is set to perform with Lil Wayne, won the first award for top rap artist, beating out Drake, Flo Rida, Pitbull and Psy.

"I definitely did not expect this one," she said, wearing a bright red dress.

Today's biggest stars ? from Taylor Swift to fun. to Maroon 5 ? are the key finalists at Sunday's awards show, airing live from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas on ABC. Those acts are up for 11 awards each; Rihanna, Carly Rae Jepsen and One Direction are up for 10, nine and eight trophies, respectively.

Most of the top stars will also blaze the stage, too, including Swift, Justin Bieber, Miguel, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, Chris Brown, Selena Gomez and others.

Prince, who will receive the icon award, will also hit the stage, and Madonna, to be named top touring artist, will make an appearance.

Jepsen, whose nine nominations include top Hot 100 song for the ubiquitous "Call Me Maybe," top female artist and top new artist, will also present an award.

"The Billboard Awards is kind of a nostalgic one for me because it was the first awards show I attended outside of Canada," the 27-year-old recalled in an interview. "I had never really done anything quite so big. And to be going back a year later, and to be nominated, and then to also being doing all the fun stuff like pick a dress, and see the party, and watch the show ? I feel just lucky to be involved."

Jepsen's mentor, Bieber, is up for the night's biggest award, top artist. Other nominees include Swift, Rihanna, One Direction and Maroon 5. Swift is the only U.S. act nominated for top Billboard 200 album for her multiplatinum "Red," which will compete with One Direction's first and second albums ? "Up All Night" and "Take Me Home" ? Mumford & Sons' "Babel" and Adele's 10 million-selling "21," which won the award last year.

Bieber, Swift and Mars are also up for the fan-voted milestone award.

Comedian-actor Tracy Morgan the show's host. It's celebrating its third year back on the scene following a five-year break.

Jepsen, whose new single "Tonight I'm Getting Over You" features Minaj, said she's excited to see the rapper perform, but she's also happy to be in her seat and not onstage.

"I can remember being like just a big bundle of nerves last time," she said. "I've had a year of experience under my belt, and I'll probably still be nervous, but I'll be way more excited than anything."

Jennifer Lopez, The Band Perry, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Ed Sheeran, David Guetta and Kacey Musgraves will also perform Sunday night. Presenters include Shania Twain, Psy, Celine Dion, Miley Cyrus and CeeLo Green.




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Associated Press


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Verizon cuts prepaid plan prices, piles on more data

WASHINGTON -- The one thing no one has suspected Dzhokhar Tsarnaev of being is a closet essayist. The idea of this young Chechen/Dagestani/Khrgyz man who, with his brother is accused of the vicious Boston Marathon bombings, making notes on his ideas had not entered the bio.And yet, as I write, news sources are reporting new information about Dzhokhar. Lying helplessly in the landlocked boat he was hiding inside of, in the small Massachusetts town outside Boston where they had fled, he wrote several primitive but revealing thoughts on the hull of the bullet-pocked boat with a pen he found. ...


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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Probe begins after commuter trains crash

FAIRFIELD, Conn. (AP) ? Two commuter trains packed with rush-hour commuters collided in an accident that sent more than 60 people to the hospital, severely damaged the tracks and threatened to snarl travel in the congested Northeast Corridor.

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said five people were critically injured and one was very critically hurt in Friday evening's crash on the Metro-North Railroad, which serves the northern suburbs of New York City.

Passengers described a chaotic, terrifying scene of crunching metal and flying bodies.

"All I know was I was in the air, hitting seats, bouncing around, flying down the aisle and finally I came to a stop on one seat," Lola Oliver, 49, of Bridgeport, told The Associated Press. "It happened so fast I had no idea what was going on. All I know is we crashed."

About 700 people were on board the Metro-North trains when one heading east from New York City's Grand Central Station to New Haven derailed about 6:10 p.m. just outside Bridgeport, MTA and Bridgeport officials said.

The train was hit by a train heading west from New Haven to Grand Central on an adjacent track, MTA spokesman Aaron Donovan said. Some cars on the second train also derailed as a result of the collision.

"We're most concerned about the injured and ultimately reopening the system," Malloy said from the scene about three hours after the crash.

The governor said that most people were not seriously hurt. Among those critically injured, he said, one's injuries were "very critical."

The nursing supervisor at St. Vincent Medical Center said early Saturday that more than 40 people had been seen and that five patients were admitted, including one in critical condition.

Bridgeport Hospital spokesman John Cappiello said that as of 2 a.m. Saturday about 14 people were still being seen and that two patients had been admitted in critical condition.

The Metro-North Railroad, a commuter line serving the northern suburbs, described it as a "major derailment." Photos showed a train car askew on the rails, with its end smashed up and brushing against another train.

Malloy said there was extensive damage to the train cars and the track, and it could take until Monday for normal service to be restored. He said the accident will have a "big impact on the Northeast Corridor."

Amtrak, which uses the same rails, suspended service indefinitely between New York and Boston.

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch said the disruption caused by the train accident could cost the region's economy millions of dollars.

"A lot of people rely on this, and we've got to get this reconnected as soon as possible," Finch said.

Investigators Friday night did not know what caused the first train to derail. Malloy said there was no reason to believe it was anything other than an accident. The National Transportation Safety Board was sending a team to investigate.

Passenger Bradley Agar of Westport, Conn., said he was in the first car of the westbound train when he heard screaming and the window smash behind him.

"I saw the first hit, the bump, bump, bump all the way down," he said.

Agar had returned to work this week for the first time since breaking his shoulder in January. And since he was still healing, he thought it would be safer to take the train than drive.

The area where the accident happened was already down to two tracks because of repair work, Malloy said. Crews have been working for a long time on the electric lines above the tracks, the power source for the trains. He said Connecticut has an old system and no other alternate tracks.

By late evening, Bridgeport Police Chief Joseph Gaudett said everybody who needed treatment had been attended to, and authorities were beginning to turn their attention to investigating the cause.

"Everybody seemed pretty calm," he said. "Everybody was thankful they didn't get seriously hurt. They were anxious to get home to their families."

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority operates the Metro-North Railroad, the second-largest commuter railroad in the nation. The Metro-North main lines ? the Hudson, Harlem, and New Haven ? run northward from New York City's Grand Central Terminal into suburban New York and Connecticut.


Associated Press writer Michael Melia contributed to this report from Hartford, Conn.


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Yahoo rumors ahead of Monday's event include $1.1 billion Tumblr buy, Flickr updates

Yahoo rumors ahead of Monday's event include $11 billion Tumblr buy, Flickr updates

Earlier today, Yahoo sent press invites to a "product-related" event in New York City Monday afternoon and there are already two separate rumors about the company's plans. The first, from Bloomberg, concerns the event specifically and cites a "person familiar with the matter" reporting we'll hear about new updates for Yahoo's once-mighty Flickr photo service. The second is from AllThingsD which has upgraded rumors of a Tumblr purchase from possible to possibly imminent, saying the company's board will meet Sunday to decide whether it will make a $1.1 billion all-cash offer for the site. Since new CEO Marissa Mayer took over Yahoo has made a number of acquisitions with a focus on improving its homepage, content and app offerings including Flickr. That announcement is also penciled in for the 20th, but whatever actually goes down you can be sure we'll have the details as they're unveiled around 4PM ET.

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Source: Bloomberg, AllThingsD


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Python S3 is a new tablet that can't decide: boots Ubuntu, Android and Windows 8

Python S3 is a new tablet that can't decide boots Ubuntu, Android and Windows 8

Ubuntu tablets may not be particularly new, but thanks to its liberal build, things can get a bit more interesting when another OS is added to the mix. Ekoore's Python S3 tablet goes a little further, nestling Ubuntu, Android and Windows 8 behind its 11.6-inch screen. Specifications can be customized on the order page, but there's an Intel Celeron processor, 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD for storage, while the 1,366 x 768 resolution was chosen to suit all three operating systems: Windows 8, Android 4.2 and Ubuntu 13.04. There's connectivity through both WiFi and an optional 3G module -- the Win 8 license itself is also a purchasable extra. The device is priced at $770 for the US, while you'll be able to pick up a dockable keyboard add-on (with built-in battery) for around $179. For those of you who still can't decide your favorite tablet OS, you can hedge your bets and place an order at the source.

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Via: PC World

Source: Ekoore (Italian)


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