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IRA/401k Confiscation Coming: Cash Out & Get Outside Of The ...

You have been warned, over & over again!

To start, I would like to report that my MBA alma mater, the University of Chicago (class of ?91, Dean?s list 1990), just received the #1 business school ranking by Businessweek:??LINK? Unfortunately, the professor I had for a high level ?forensic? accounting course is not longer there. His course was the best course in any MBA program anywhere and made the 2 years there worthwhile.

An article about Obama starting the process of nationalizing the private retirement fund system went viral in the blog community yesterday.? The truth is that the these ?genius? bloggers are about 4 years behind the curve on this.? Here?s the report:??LINK

Let me make one thing crystal clear before the world erroneously blames this on Obama.? The IRA confiscation movement started at least during, if not before, the Bush administration.

Four years?before?the recent hearing sponsored by the Treasury/Labor Dept, there was a Congressional hearing On October 7, 2008 sponsored by the House Education and Labor Committee at which pension reform academic Teresa Ghilariducci presented a paper on her Guaranteed Retirement Account program.

Her idea is to replace IRA/401k accounts with a Government administered program which would provide retirees with a guaranteed annuity stream annuitized by good old U.S. Treasuries.

This symposium was held?before?Obama was elected.? In fact, I warned 10 years ago, that the elitists (note: real elitists, as in the handful of men who pull the strings) would print money and keep our system from collapsing until they had swept every last crumb of middle class wealth off the able the table and into their own pockets.

Note:? ?middle class? = everyone who is not wealthy enough to buy their own Congressman;? in my view this would be anyone with a liquid net worth under $100 million.

This movement to de facto seize your private retirement plan was started years before Obama was even a local politician in Chicago.? Regardless, once these movements begin in the Government they happen slowly and then all at once (sound familiar?).? Anyone with two operational frontal lobes will do what I did 6 years ago and cash out their IRA, pay the 10% penalty plus any income tax for that year on the proceeds?and put the money into physical gold and silver outside of the system.

Over the next 4-5 years you will more than make up for the 10% penalty/taxes with the appreciation of the bullion AND your wealth will be safe from the Government.? Capito?

U.S. 99.9% Pure Silver Eagles

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The Government Plot to Nationalize IRA?s & 401k?s continues!


The Signs & Timeline:

September 2009,

Goldworth Financial?uncovered the early blueprint of?our Government`s Plot to Nationalize Private Retirement Accounts.??The 401(k)/IRA?de-privatization is the brain child of Teresa Ghilarducci, who through funding from the White House and the Highly Influential Ford & Rockefeller Foundations, engineered a new ?Regulatory & Tax Incentive?.??We reported, the purpose is to herd?and?ultimately?force?Americans to convert their Retirement Accounts into Government Managed accounts.

January 2010,

we reported on the upcoming meeting between the Labor Department and the Treasury Department, who met to discuss: ?ways to promote the conversion of 401k savings and IRA accounts into annuities or other steady payment streams.?

Where do you think the?Treasury?Department wants to put your money?

Remember, mid/late-2009 is when China notably reduced their purchases of U.S.?Treasury?Bonds.

On February 12, 2010-?CNBC?s

Rick Santelli voiced his concern over the ?Almost? Failed 30 year?Treasury?Bond auction.??He said, ?Something massive is going on here, and it is being covered up.??We are very likely on the next stage of the crisis: The U.S Bond Market Collapse!?

Who or What kept the auction from Failure?

Only 10 minutes?before the end of the T-Bond auction, a ?Mystery? Direct-Buyer purchased the unsold Bonds.??The Fed?s later disclosed, they stepped in and bought?25%?of the?Bonds auctioned off by the Treasury department.

Now they`re ?stepping-in? at Every auction and buying?Over 61%!

The Treasury Department needs ?Fresh? -New Buyers; New Money??Your?Retirement Account?

The last week of?February 2010,

we reported on the government documents that further confirmed, the Plot to Nationalize?Private?Retirement Accounts:??In chapter 3 of the annual report on the middle class, released in February by Vice President Biden and the white house task force on the middle class, the Obama Administration`s call for enhancing the ?retirement options?.??The plan as sketched in the 43-page document, called for the creation of something called ?Guaranteed Retirement Accounts (GRA`s)?.

A few weeks later?
The March 9 edition?of?Business Week?reported:

?New Federal Regulation designed to promote the conversion of 401K savings and Individual Retirement Accounts into annuities or other steady payment streams, would help drive cash into government controlled entities such as American International Group (AIG).?

January 2011,

Goldworth Financial?reported and Warned that: ?Government employee pension plans are at the Highest Risk?.??These accounts would be the first to succumb to a government ?grab?.

A few weeks later, on?May 15th,?The Washington Post?reported:

?Treasury to tap pensions to help fund government?.

We later Warned, it wouldn?t be the last time?and??YES, with new legislation,?they did it again!

On January 17, 2012-??Reuters?reported:

?The Treasury dips?further?into pension to avoid debt limit?. (emphasis added)

It`s True, Big Government is getting?BIGGER and our Constitutional Rights are Diminishing.??The Supreme Court`s ruling on ObamaCare, has opened the Legal Door for?much more!

The Latest Move Towards Nationalized Retirement Accounts:

The Latest move can be found in the Obama Administration`s, 256 page-?FY 2013 Budget Proposal.??The revival of his 2008 presidential run, the ?Automatic IRA? which has now ?Evolved? into two proposals:

Secure Choice Pension?&?Government Retirement Accounts?(GRA?s), both of which automatically- ?Mandate? 5%?-?6% contributions into Government Run Pension funds.

One feature of??GRA`s???is once a participant dies, the uncollected equity belongs to the government.??It?s no wonder?the Retirement age for GRA?s will be 67, and one proposal calls for 69 years of age.??They?re ?off the hook? as soon as you`re dead.

Another change to the retirement account laws, the Tax Benefit.??The current Tax Deduction will be replaced with a ?Credit?, which is only redeemable after retirement. To be Eligible?for the Tax Credit, you will be given the ?Option? to place Your Equity into Annuities?composed?of U.S?Treasury?Bonds, that will payout an estimated 3% annually.

Yes, you`ll be Investing/Buying what China No longer wants,?U.S. Debt?(Treasury-Bonds).

Will This Socialistic Plot end, when Obama`s Term ends?

No matter who wins, our government is Neck-Deep in Debt.??When faced with the Reality of a Complete government Collapse? a Politician will do, what a Politician,?needs to do!???The $4.6 Trillion in IRA?s and the $4.3 Trillion in 401(k)s ??are all too tempting!

The Train is already in Motion!

On May 18,?2011,

senators Herb Kohl (D-WI) and?Mike Enzi?(R-WY) introduced?S1020: ?Saving Enhancement by Alleviating Leakage in 401k saving Accounts?, AKA: Seal 401k savings accounts.

First comes?Restriction, then Outright Control!? This bill will Restrict you from accessing?Your?money; you wouldn`t even be able to borrow from it.

On February 23, 2012

California congressman Kevin De Leon introduced SB1234, it`s known as: ?Golden State Retirement Trust?. This Bill is based on GRA`s

On May 6, 2012

Lauren Schmitz, a research analyst at the Bernard L Schwartz Center for Economic Analyst (SCEPA), introduced?HB5337. SCEPA is the very same?Institution where Teresa Ghularducci originated the GRA concept. Of course, this Connecticut Bill is also based on GRA`s.

Other states such as,?Massachusetts,?Florida?and?Ohio?have made or are actively conducting moves such as GRA?s.


The Social Security Administration would administer the GRAs in addition to existing Social Security benefits. Without a tax incentive, 401(k) plans would likely cease to exist, making Social Security and GRAs the principal retirement investment vehicles for many Americans. However, Congressional borrowing from the Social Security Trust Fund for non-Social Security spending`s has resulted in a Treasury debt to the Trust Fund in excess of?$2.6?billion.

Implementation of GRAs would provide the federal government with an entirely new source of capital to raid to meet current spending needs. In essence, taxpayers would be nudged out of Section 401(k) plans and into a government held and government-managed retirement system that the Treasury could?borrow against.?These measures comprise a network of capital controls that use regulation, incentives, taxes, and the threat of civil and/or criminal penalties to incentivize taxpayers into directing their investments where the?U.S.government has more disclosure, control, and access to the capital.

Can an Entire Country be ?Persuaded? to Give-up Their Money?

Countries such as Belgium, Poland, Hungary, France, Argentina, Bolivia and Ireland have already Seized Private Retirement Accounts.??They convinced their citizens through newly formed legislation and of course ?.. Tax implications.

Did the Supreme Court`s Ruling, open Pandora`s Box?

FoxNews?commentator, Judge Napolitano said:???The supreme court ruling on ObamaCare,?gives the federal government `power on a platter` to tax everything under the sun.?

If you have read?Goldworth Financial`s?previous reporting on the?de-privatization of retirement accounts, yet are waiting for the official government announcement: ?To protect you and for the good of our country, we are nationalizing private retirement accounts?.??By then, it will be too late!

It?s the old ?Frog in a Boiling Pot of Water?, they turn up the heat, in stages.

If the Supreme Court`s ruling on ObamaCare didn?t wake you,?it should.??The Ruling will simply be used as Case Law when Government ?herds? everyone into??Nationalized Retirement Accounts.

You have worked Long?and?Hard for your money, taxes will take a portion, inflation will take a portion??Don?t allow Government to Take the Rest!??Government money is?Only?a?Note, a government promise; tangible Gold & Silver are constitutional money.

Much like?Eminent Domain, most assets can be ?taken-over? by the government.

Certain Gold categories have been?Exempt?from?Previous?Federal Recalls.


Source: http://politicalvelcraft.org/2012/11/19/ira401k-confiscation-coming-cash-out-get-outside-of-the-system-into-gold-silver/

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