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Applied Kinesiology-NYC Chiropractor Describes | Bodybuilding ...

When a NYC chiropractor explains Applied Kinesiology (AK), the explanation may differ slightly from one presented by an acupuncturist or a homeopath. However, the basics of this diagnostic tool developed to judge the health of hidden organ systems are the same when used by all types of alternative healing practitioners.?

George Goodhart is credited with taking the theory of kinesiology further to a way of identifying the relationship between certain muscles and their corresponding organs or organ systems. According to his theory, a weak response to stimulus of a muscle can signal the poor condition of its related organ. The interrupted or partly blocked neural impulses that communicate proper function to both organs and muscles could result from a dietary problem, an overload of toxins, or a skeletal problem, among other reasons.?

Some may see the resemblance to other natural and manipulative programs, such as reflexology, which addresses the whole body through pressure on the soles of the foot. Other disciplines use pressure on set points, as well. Acupuncture, acupressure, massage, and chiropractic manipulation all work along similar understanding of how the body works.?

Kinesiology is based on an understanding of body movement and organ function as directed by signals from the brain. These electrical impulses are transmitted via the spinal cord and the nervous system. Applied kinesiology takes this understanding as the basis of a practical application, in using the muscle response to assess the functionality of hidden organs. Rather than invasive examinations such as X-rays and biopsies, AK uses external and harmless means to gain information.?

Kinesiology is the study oh how the body moves as muscles and all other systems respond to signals from the brain that travel to and fro along the spinal cord and the neural pathways which make up the nervous system. AK is the practical application of this understanding to strengthen muscles to enhance this neural communication and restore proper function to the workings of the body. This therapy does not rely on invasive procedures such as surgery or the use of chemical drugs.?

AK is also used to let the body?s own response indicate the most beneficial approach to regaining health. The client holds a substance while the weak muscles that have been found are retested. A stronger reaction than previously found indicates that the substance will have a positive effect, while no change reveals that it will not help. The object held might be a botanical, a mineral, a homeopathic remedy, or a food.?

A comprehensive therapeutic program might well include a change of diet, correcting less than perfect posture and realigning the spine and hips to correct gait abnormalities, identifying allergens that are compromising health, and stress management and hormonal balancing. Neural pathways can be opened by massage, muscle release, acupressure, and acupuncture. Toxic overloads of medication can be eliminated by using other means of symptom alleviation and by cleansing programs. Many clinics integrate several types of therapies in a health restoration program.?

When a NYC chiropractor explains applied kinesiology in addressing health concerns, he may also discuss other methods in discussing possible future actions to take. Regaining total body health will involve taking the information supplied by AP and integrating one or more therapies to restore balance throughout the body. Free consultations may be arranged to tell people about the benefits they might realize from this approach.?

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