Friday, November 23, 2012

Self Defense Tips & Techniques for Women : How to Get Out of a ...

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Learn how to stop someone from choking you from the front in thisfree women?s self defense video clip. Expert: Audrey Ronquilo Bio: Audrey Ronquilo is a savvy TV host that teaches karate to all ages. She became interested in karate and women?s self defense verbal altercation transgressed into physical assault. Filmmaker: Nili Nathan

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The SAS Self-Defense HandbookThe SAS Self-Defense Handbook

Essential self-defense training from the elite British SAS.

Barry Davies is one of the most widely respected experts on the techniques and training of the elite British Special Air Service (SAS). In The SAS Self-Defense Handbook, Davies reveals the self-defense techniques of the SAS. The handbook is fully illustrated with nearly 130 photographs and illustrations that explain how to properly use your body and use everyday objects such as desktop items and cigarette lighters to protect yourself. Learn how to avoid physical attacks from humans and animals, and handle those confrontations that cannot be avoided. 83 color and 39 black-and-white illustrations
In Self DefenseIn Self Defense is inspired by the true-life story of a martial arts legend who died at the hand of his own son. After fighting in the jungles of the South Pacific in World War II, Willy Wetzel and his family migrated from Indonesia to America in 1956. Willy opened one of the first martial arts schools in the United States in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. He was a pioneer and became known worldwide for his mastery of many martial arts forms. The finest pupil Willy ever taught, was his second son, Roy Wetzel. The Wetzels all had their battle scars, some more visible than others. When Roy returned from Viet Nam with a Purple Heart, he hoped for a peaceful life at home. Instead Roy found himself in a fight with his father.One fateful night, their strained relationship finally came to a head. As Roy's young daughter lay asleep in the next room, a weapon-filled brutal fight between father and son ensued. The aftermath of Willy's last skirmish would leave Roy bloody and beaten and charged by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania with Murder. This led to a controversial trial and the original court transcripts contained in the second half of this non-fiction novel give a compelling account of the prolonged legal contest that stirred up many debates. Following the lives of the Wetzels in intricate detail, In Self Defense will keep you turning the page till the very end.


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