Thursday, November 1, 2012

Galpin Gasser III 1957 Ford SEMA 2012 ... - Galpin Auto Sports

?I didn?t want to be a 100 point show car, I wanted a gasser I could drive,? said builder Steve Carpenter, those are words we love to hear. The gasser is a ?57 Ford post car powered by 302 that was bored and stroked to a 331 and producing 502hp. ?There?s a gasser etiquette, it has to be a post car.?

Steve purchased the car off of Ebay, it was an old racecar from Kentucky. Worn and beaten, the car showed up falling apart from rust and damage. ?It wasn?t worth a dollar,? said Steve. ?Now, it?s the nicest car, I?ve ever built.?

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