Sunday, October 28, 2012

Connecticut Europa Battle Of Champions ? Michael Kefalianos ...

Michael Kefalianos At The 2010 IFBB Europa Battle Of Champions In Hartford, Connecticut.

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The Cheaters Diet

The The Cheater?s Diet program is rated 4/5 The Cheater?s Diet Review: Background The Cheater's Diet was created and penned by Paul Rivas, MD, a well-known weight loss physician. According to Rivas, the key to weight loss is to eat healthy meals Monday through Friday, stay moderately active, and only cheat on the weekends. Since [...]

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Candice?has been on a hot streak this year. She placed 16th at last year?s Olympia but since then she has in the top five in five shows and took home top honors at the Pittsburgh Pro. The win in Pittsburgh was her first ever as a pro. If she can bring that look to the [...]

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Mindless eating is one of the most common complaints people have these days. It?s not just adolescents who have this nutritional problem. Stress can be a major contributing factor to mindless eating. One has to watch out for triggers or factors that lead to mindless eating. A diary or journal, if maintained for a while, [...]

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Menopause is unavoidable for any women but some of the conditions associated with it is something that can be controlled and taken care of. Weight gain is one of the most difficult conditions for many women to accept and most women would suffer from it after menopause. What makes it a matter of much concern [...]

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