Monday, October 29, 2012

6 Ways to Strengthen the Bond Between Your Two Kids

Siblings are bound to each other by blood for life but their relationship may need a lot of nurturing and attention. As a parent, you may be worried about how your kids? relationship with each other may turn out to be when they get older. Put these worries at rest and take the following steps to strengthen the bond between your kids.

1. Plan family outings frequently

You can strengthen the bond between your two kids by spending more time as a family. Kids will learn the importance of being with each other only when they see the family bonding together. Whether it is a one-day picnic, an evening of playing board games or going bowling together, make sure you schedule outings and activities through which your kids get a chance to come closer to each other.

2. Schedule nights when your kids can do a mock sleepover

If your kids are really young, it may be the right time to etch the importance of sibling relationship on their impressionable minds. If they sleep in separate rooms, having a mock sleepover for them may be the perfect way to bond. Allow them to pitch a tent in the backyard, play board games all night long or play video games for a while. Recreate the kind of fun that they would have with their friends on a sleepover.

3. Get your kids to learn a new skill together

Kids love learning new things and if you are sending them to pick up new skills and hobbies after school, make sure they do it together. Having common interests will help them bond for life and they will never run out of things they can do together. Depending on their interests and aptitude, you can enroll them in classes that are about sports, art, baking or other hobby areas.


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