Saturday, October 27, 2012

Beliebers shave their heads after 4Chan cancer hoax | Death and ...

A 4Channer used FakeTweetBuilder this week to fabricate a tweet from Entertainment Tonight claiming that Justin Bieber was diagnosed with cancer and that Beliebers everywhere were shaving their heads in support. Here it is:

And here?s what Beliebers everywhere started doing to show their support:

Tweens! You gotta stop falling for this stuff. It?s sweet to shave your head for a cancer patient?any cancer patient?but Bieber rumors get started on a monthly basis. The sooner you become jaded and cynical, the happier you?ll be. It?s one of life?s best-kept secrets.

For now you should either buy a good hat or start practicing makeup styles that look cool with shaved heads. That hair will take at least a year to grow back, and chances are by then you won?t even still like Bieber.

(Via Daily Dot)


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