Wednesday, July 25, 2012

This Just Pinned: Aloe vera ice cubes, and a handy bagging tool ...

Today?s Pinterest finds include speedy DIY sunburn relief and a product designed to simplify your next shopping trip.

Aloe vera ice cubes -? My own childhood was peppered with gangly, overgrown, window sill aloe plants. For the women who reared me, a freshly-plucked leaf with aloe gel dripping from its wound was the go-to remedy for minor cuts and scrapes.

But applying this natural salve directly from those fleshy fronds can be messy and wasteful. So here?s an innovative idea shared in various crafting blogs and recently re-pinned by Real Simple magazine.

Transform aloe vera ointment into on-the-go sunburn relief by using an ice cube tray to freeze individual portions of it. Just make sure you?re freezing fresh, natural aloe, not a lotion byproduct, which may not freeze at all. If you don?t have an aloe plant on hand, check out the all-natural section of a nearby grocery store. Once you have that gel, mix a little water into the potion to ensure frozen-solid cubes? what could be more refreshing to the skin during a hot day in the sun?

The "one grip" is $5 (plus tax and shipping) at

?One Trip Grip Grocery Bag Holder? -? From the ?why didn?t I think of that?? file comes a shopping solution meant to undercut the hand and finger strain that comes from transporting too many totes. These ?One Trip Grip? bag holders keep all shopping bag handles together to avoid the need to, say, run in and out of the house after stocking up at the grocery store. They cost $5 at, a retail site that aims to showcase products rooted in great ideas.

?This Just Pinned? are periodic blog posts in which The Denver Post?s design and DIY geeks edit out the social media noise to highlight a few special finds spotted on bulletin boards. Click here to follow all of ?Colorado at Home? Editor Elana Ashanti Jefferson?s pins.


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