Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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I mentioned in a blog post yesterday (Network Marketing and our Spiritual Path) about balance being an important part of our life. And exercise is part of what we want to include in a balanced lifestyle. So starting to do some videos of the exercises I do, this is the first one. I will show one exercise in each video to keep it simple.

Exercise is a great break from what ever you are doing to energize and bring you back to your center. Along with being a kind tenant in the body temple we are living in.

To get more out of the exercise you do, lean as much in to a raw vegan, superfood lifestyle as you can. This will suppy your body with just what it needs, highly nutient dence food, so it gets everything it needs to give you an Un-Common level of Health and Fitness !

Raw vegan food and superfood = less exercise needed.

American standard diet = never enough exercise

Garbage in, garbage pils up, in you =(

I'd rather be effecient and get the Most from exercise, or anything I do.

What is Limu ~ What is Moringa

Fitness Nutrition Dude Exercises

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