Saturday, April 20, 2013

Joel Madden & Nicole Richie Divorce Rumors Heat Up!

The Joel Madden and Nicole Richie divorce rumors are heating up. Is this the end of yet another celebrity couple? Life & Style as well as OK Magazine are both report that there is trouble in paradise for Joel and Nicole.?Sparking the stories are a couple of recent incidents. One is that Richie was just spotted on vacation with Jessica Alba and her family but Madden was not in attendance.To be fair she wasn’t with her kids either, so does that mean she is a bad mother? The answer to that is no, just in case you didn’t get the sarcasm. Another situation adding fuel to the fire is that when The Fashion Star mentor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live she was not wearing her wedding ring, which is true and you can see that video below. Although both of the above facts may make it seem like things are not all roses at home, that does not mean these two are headed for divorce court. As I am sure you can imagine neither Richie nor Madden have spoken out regarding the latest round of rumors surrounding their marriage. Despite the fact that these two live a relatively private life, [...]


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