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Content Marketing Strategy For The Beginner | Learn, Apply And ...

Having a content marketing strategy for the beginner looking to build solid and quality online traffic is a must. However, there are many loud voices online that do not always agree on how to do ?just that, drive quality traffic?

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For the newbie to online marketing, content will sound like work, hard work in fact. Well, I hate to agree with that fact and ruin you parade, but it is a truth that content marketing is a snails race to the top.

Here we will go over some of the basic practices of content marketing and, get you going in the right direction as fast as possible. But, in the end, remember this; it may take longer, it may take solid effort, but it can have much more rewards in the end than any other marketing strategy online.

There are so many voices that have suddenly come on the scene about content marketing and the strategies that can boost you into the stratosphere online. Unfortunately, these same people trying to fit into this mold today, they are the same people (GURUS) who told you otherwise for years.

So why this so-called change of heart from them? Because the answer is simple, you need to be an authority about your business online, and they want to cash in on your content marketing training.

But enough of hounding these mindless gurus looking for your dollars and let?s get on with some real content marketing strategies.

Let?s Begin Creating Content That Count?s!

Your first journey as a beginner to online marketing will start with your content management system, otherwise known as your website template.

Joomla, Blogger, Drupal, and my favorite, WordPress, are the default for most people and businesses online today. WordPress however is by far ( and this is not said lightly ) the best platform for beginner or, expert online. Just look at the top bloggers and content writers today promoting online, most use WordPress, so start there.

Now that you have chosen, the next step is ?look? and ?feel? and yes, it does matter for content. Have you ever been to a truly ugly website that was both confusing and down right void of anything appealing, including content? Me too, and I have to say, we tend to leave quickly.

There are many premium and free themes to choose from today, so pick and make sure you pick one that closely identifies with what you are trying to accomplish with your business online.

Now we get into content?

Static Pages, posts, articles and whitepapers, they are all part of the great design of traffic generation that has always proved true. Looking at Copyblogger, Problogger and others who have stood the test of time creating valuable information, and allowing others to help create that value, they have become the force for successful people online, even myself.

So what are some of these simple traffic building strategies and practices they use that has built so much traffic? Well, that is easy:

  • They consistently create content
  • They create valuable information
  • Each piece is focused on it?s particular subject
  • It is shared wisely
  • It helps without the requirement of money or subscription
  • It creates the sense that through subscribing one can learn much, much more ( and we did.)
  • It builds a community or tribe around it because of all of the above
  • It is created for people first, search engines second

This for the beginner can be a little hard to swallow at first, but trust me, if I can do this, you can too.

Strategy for on site content is wrapped up in words, video, multimedia and, the way in which people can easily find more and more information on your site. Lets peel each of these apart before I let you go?

Words are a force online like no other. Your words will be used to target and grab the attention of people and search engines, so choose them wisely. Understanding good keyword research and usage is invaluable, and part of the process for creating content that will be ?visible.?

Words mixed with multimedia like images and video can create that split second that captures the attention of the searcher. Words are a major part of the force for building traffic online, but video and images are the ?personalized? way in which we can truly win over our visitors.

The hardest parts of any content marketing strategy for the beginner is the learning and, of course the hardest part, applying. Of course content and other internet marketing platforms and strategies have a learning curve, but anyone, and I mean anyone, can learn and master many of them, at least the ones that truly count.

Content marketing for the beginner is a must if you plan on building any traffic and list online, without informative content you have no visibility, without visibility, you have nothing here.


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