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April 2013 Sponsors | Healthy Living Blogs

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A few words about our Current Sponsors:

goingongoalsadGoing on Goals follows Sarah?s journey to live a balanced lifestyle. Desk-jockey by day and wife by night, Sarah?s blog is ever evolving. Originally about healthy recipes and living in the nation?s capital, Going on Goals evolved as Sarah and Jay (her now husband) trained for their first marathon and planned a wedding. As newlyweds, Going on Goals is focusing more on staying healthy in all areas of life including diet, fitness and finances.

TLB AdColleen is the girl behind The Lunchbox Diaries, a healthy living/lifestyle blog with a sarcastic spin. Colleen is a mental health professional, a newlywed, and an advocate for the ?average people.? Colleen?s approach to healthy living is more focused on the mind-body connection, rather than her most recent meal. When she isn?t blogging, she can either be found taking a Body Pump class, decorating her new home with her husband, or meeting her best friends for happy hour!

HealthyNestBadge150pxHealthy Nest follows Kim, a twenty-something freelance writer, runner/marathoner, and wannabe DIYer who?s exploring what ?healthy? looks like as a new stay-at-home mom. She?s passionate about happiness as a critical component of health, and believes that things like simplicity, positive environments, and a grateful attitude are powerful companions to fitness and clean eating. One of the reasons she blogs is to help her maintain her identity outside of motherhood, and to prove that there?s plenty of room in this world for moms who are also fit, healthy, butt-kicking women. Currently, she?s learning about the world of food allergies through her highly allergic 10-month-old son, experimenting with a near-vegan diet, and probably having a beer. Stop by and say hey!


Follow Ashlee, a 20-something new mom, wife, & weight watcher working her way toward a healthy life that includes exercise and good eating habits. Ashlee has lost 30 lbs since the start of her journey (she got pregnant during the journey) and has at least 40 more to go. On her blog, Ashlee shares her struggles and accomplishments while learning how to balance working out, eating right, & having a baby in the house. She likes trying new recipes and sharing them and is in love with her camera.

Prayers and Apples Main Logo 150Prayers and Apples is a faith, fitness and psychology blog that aims to increase personal peace, health and happiness by promoting understanding of the mind-body-spirit relationship. Author, Jessica Walters, is a proud Christian, Harvard psychology major and former personal trainer (certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine).


Arlene started Adventures in Weight Loss, Cooking and Life in 2009 as a way to share her adventures in ? well, weight loss, cooking and life. She?s a 40-something journalist and pre-published novelist living in northern Arizona. Over the years, her body?s roller-coaster ride has had more ups and downs than Cedar Point?s classic wooden coaster, Gemini. She?s currently down almost 100 pounds from an all-time high of 306 ? and she?s aiming to hit 160 before her 42nd birthday next October. She continues to seek that elusive balance between work and working out, indulging healthy living. She shares her struggles, successes and the occasional recipe, and you?ll catch her mulling important questions, such as ?Which diet really works for me?? ?Would anyone train with a personal trainer who struggles with her weight?? and ?In a war of words between Colin Firth and Vince Vaughn, who?d emerge victorious?

healthyhobokenlogo5Healthy Hoboken Girl is written by Lynda who is passionate about sharing her healthy lifestyle with others. She is a holistic health coach, recipe tester and home cook who creates amazing recipes using real food. Her passion for healthy living was sparked while taking care of her parents in her late twenties and early thirties. She watched them both battle with cancer and heart disease and lost them both by the age of 35. She is determined to live a happier, healthy life and uses food as her drug of choice. Follow her on this journey towards health, where she lives life to the fullest, makes exercise fun and always enjoys each and everyday.

WHOLEistically Fit Ad ButtonWHOLEistically Fit is a healthy living blog seeking to change the misperceptions that exercise is a punishment for eating a brownie and that eating ?healthy? is synonymous with restrictive and fad diets. At WHOLEistically Fit, health and fitness are approached as a lifestyle and encompass a lot more than eating veggies and doing squats. While staying active and eating nutritious foods are important, they only make up a part of the health equation. Other crucial components include mental, emotional, financial, and relational health. As a result, you?ll find a wide range of topics discussed on the blog, including recipes, workouts, happiness, gratitude, body image, tips on how to cultivate vibrant relationships, and everything else in between.

edscienceAs the name indicates edscience blog talks about everything related to everyday science. Everyone belonging to any group of age likes to visit such blog as it discusses those science issues and questions we want to know about in daily life. You can find answers to everyday science questions, read short notes on edscience topics, enjoy interesting science news related to our daily life, find out useful information about common diseases and disorders and also can see what a scientific abbreviation stands for. Moreover science students can also read useful science notes to understand the common scientific issues we talk about everyday.

GrowSoulBeautiful150square-ad3Grow Soul Beautiful blends yoga, photography, & soul nourishment to guide everybody to embrace their beautiful inside & out. We believe that no amount of exercise or healthy eating will make you confident and glowing on the inside as the health of the mind+body are intertwined. Daily blog posts mix yoga fundamentals, encourage self-portraits to enhance the yoga practice, and feature a variety of ?soul workers? who offer coaching, e-courses, workshops, retreats, book, and more to exercise the soul. Follow the us on Facebook, Pinterest, or twitter @GrowSoulBeauty for inspiration & inner beauty.


Jen?s Best Life is an open journal of one girl?s quest to live her best life possible, finding balance as a twenty-something in New York about to graduate from law school and enter the corporate world. Follow Jen?s weekday posts filled with workouts, healthy easy-to-cook recipes, fitness tips, training recaps for half- and full marathons (her first full will be in 2013!), and exercise and DVD reviews.

photo2HappyHealthyConfident , follows Lydia, a 24 year old fitness coach, health and wellness coach, and nutrition enthusiast. The blog features daily recipes, workouts, and the journey Lydia takes to living a Happy, Healthy, and confident lifestyle. Jam packed with health and nutrition tips, printable workout routines and recipes, vivid photos, and the occasional humor pieces. Here you will find addictive, feel-good posts on fitness motivation, good eats, and health inspiration in a new post every day of the week. button-913_thumb

The blog Peanut Butter and Peppers is written by Jennifer a healthy food fanatic who strives to make everyday food a little bit healthier. Jennifer recently lost over 30lbs, and shares her story and struggles on losing and maintaining her weight. Jennifer?s philosophy is to take baby steps, indulge a little bit and never be to hard on yourself, after all this is life. You will find healthy living tips, healthy recipes and her favorite Trader Joe?s items. Stop by and say hello.


Julie Grice began Savvy Eats in September of 2009. Her philosophy in life is ?Smart Food, Smart Fitness & Smart Life,? which she highlights by being a resource for eating locally and seasonally, cycling and appreciating the little things in life. She is a new homeowner, and is excited to branch out into home-related projects and blog posts.

twf1[2]Alicia is the enthusiastic blogger behind the full of spirit and fun site The Wannabe Foodie. She is a fulltime graduate student who spends her free time reading, cooking and training for half marathons. At The Wannabe Foodie you can find discussion on running, recipes, and the coolest dog in all the land, Butternut Squashington.? Alicia is an HLB Staffer and was a part of the #HLS12 planning and volunteer team.?

blog ad[2]just a one girl revolution. is the story of Mindy?s journey as she learns what it means to live the best kind of life.? Mindy is in the midst of a 100 pound weight loss.? She once was a girl who would say she?d run only if she was being chased and could eat an entire pizza in one sitting.? Today, she continues to revolutionize her own life.? She is a vegetarian, half marathon, triathlete, and yogi.? In 2013, she hopes to add marathoner to that list!? On Mindy?s blog, you?ll find snippets of her everyday life, everything from race recaps to book reviews to tidbits about her city of Grand Rapids, Michigan ? and so much more.

Brownies and Zucchini started in 2010 as an effort for self-proclaimed picky eater, Kelly, to expand her tastes by breaking out of old food habits and finding new favorites. The blog follows her reviews of recipes, restaurants, and products, as well as some running, crafting, travel, local events, and of course adorable photos of Olive the pug and Miss Kitty.

sarah learns - square (150x150)

Sarah started writing at Sarah Learns in 2011 when she was in the midst of pursuing a PhD in Nutritional Sciences. Fast forward 2+ years and Sarah is a proud PhD and certified health coach finally getting settled into a full-time job and leading a ?normal? life. Sarah is all about embracing those everyday learning moments. Her blog features anything from food, weight loss, puppy-love, craftiness, goal-setting, and sometimes even fitness. Things are always changing in life, and Sarah?s blog reflects that! Right now, she is learning how to stay healthy and motivated while sitting at a desk all day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!

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