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Are You In The Risk Pool For Migraines? | Natural Holistic Health Blog

Wouldn?t you like to know if you are in the risk pool for some horrible condition, so you could get out or at least know how to navigate the waters safely? What if that risk pool was for a condition that brought you pain, nausea and vomiting to the point that you found it difficult to function at work, school or at home?

That risk pool does exist for up to 17% of women and 6% of men suffering from migraines. Are you in the risk pool? Are your children going to be in the risk pool for migraines?

What are the risk factors for migraines?

If you talk to people who have already been diagnosed with migraines chances are they will admit to having other family members who have also been diagnosed or suffer from the same symptoms as they experience. Family history of migraines is one risk factor in the risk factor pool for migraine.

Other risk factors researchers and medical doctors have been studying are youth and sex. Migraines can start occurring in children and teens and women are three times as likely to experience migraines than male adults. In childhood boys and girls are relatively equal when it comes to the likelihood of getting migraines.

If you are female you may notice that you tend to get more migraines around the time of menstruation each month. Pregnant women also report that they experience more migraines during their first trimester as opposed to the rest of their pregnancy.

Those women who notice an increase in the occurrence of migraines during menstruation or during the first trimester of pregnancy, both times when hormones fluctuate greatly; are also more likely to experience an increase in migraines if they were to take birth control pills or a hormone replacement therapy (HRT) regimen.

If you notice that you are in the risk pool for migraines and experience the symptoms of migraines such as vomiting, nausea, sensitivity to light or sound, a pounding or throbbing headache that occurs on both sides of your head, one side, the forehead or the back of your neck you may do well to seek a medical diagnosis from your doctor or healthcare professional.

Taking the step to go from recognizing you are in the risk pool for migraine and receiving a diagnosis will bring you to the place where you can have a treatment plan. This plan will bring you relief and give you a measure of safety from that risk pool.

Sort of like a lifeguard at a large community pool. The swimmers feel safer knowing the lifeguard is there and in his/her place. Having a diagnosis and treatment plan is your lifeguard for your migraines.

Knowing the common risk factors and symptoms can also help to warn you of when you are loved ones are having symptoms that should be treated immediately such as a sudden and severe headache; a headache that is accompanied by fever or stiff neck, rash or confusion; a headache that is accompanied by a seizure event; chronic headaches that occur and become worse when the individual coughs, exerts themselves physically like when doing intensive exercising or strains or makes a sudden movement.

Individuals who are over age 50 and start to notice a new pattern of headaches should also be concerned enough to seek medical attention immediately.

Risk factor knowledge can warn you of the possibilities of migraine, they can help safeguard your health and keep your safe.

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