Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Military Business Lead - Hidalgo

The Military Business Lead is a key member of the Product Marketing Team and will require the development, implementation and effective management of a sound product strategy and sales and marketing strategy to ensure a profitable P&L for the military/paramilitary and first responder sector of business within Hidalgo and the products developed for it. This will include sales of the existing TnR product range within this sector, the development of a strategy for a TnR military/paramilitary/first responder customer to become an Equivital products/services customer and the creation of profitable Hidalgo - Equivital military/paramilitary/first responder business through new product/software and data services sales. This must include strategic positioning of Hidalgo as a leading provider of real-time and retrospective, remote subject monitoring and data management services.

Main Responsibilities:

  • To carry out research into the military/paramilitary and first responder sectors relevant to current, future and related Hidalgo products
  • Responsible for keeping up to date with developments, which may be relevant to business development activities for Equivital, in above sectors.? Feeding these into strategy, product and sales discussions.
  • Identify key strategic areas for development of the Equivital business for the short, medium and long term in the specialist sectors
  • Develop ,with the support of the Head of Product Marketing, strategic plan for business development, sales and marketing for these sectors, to verify validity of the market and achieve the set targets
  • Business development and sales lead for the above sectors with responsibility for sales targets against project and new product targets and TnR sales
  • Engaging with key opinion leaders to promote Equivital, create awareness, project scoping and seeking funding opportunities
  • Create and maintain sector forecast and actual against forecast budgets
  • To develop profitable pricing strategy and provide business model for new and existing business opportunities in these sectors especially relevant where investment into the product roadmap or new resources is required

Minimum Qualifications/ Experience Required:

  • Proven experience in a similar role essential
  • Knowledge and experience of working with target customer base
  • Proven sales and marketing experience
  • Experience of managing a Business Plan
  • Experience of managing a P&L

Key Competencies/Attributes Required:

  • Excellent influencing skills
  • Progressive management abilities
  • Ability to make sounds judgements and decisions
  • Commercially focussed
  • Innovative
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