Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mayor breaks clout-tradition by naming Holmes to 7th Ward

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel named Natashia Holmes 7th Ward Alderman Monday.? She replaces Sandi Jackson, who resigned from City Council last month.

Emanuel broke with tradition in a ward that has been filled with politically connected people for years. Like William Beavers, his daughter Darcell and Sandi Jackson.

?This represents a clear break from the past and a new beginning,? the mayor said.

natashia-holmesSandi Jackson herself indicated that she wanted to give her own suggestions to the mayor about whom should replace her. ?The mayor says using a committee to find the right person marks a new chapter for the city, one where clout is no longer a prerequisite.

It is Mayor Emanuel?s first aldermanic replacement since taking office. Over 60 people applied and Holmes got the nod after submitting her application and being interviewed by committee. Holmes is 37 years of age. She has no husband or kids, has worked for the Dept of Transportation, the park district and has a law degree from Chicago Kent School of Law.

The mayor thinks Holmes represents a new way of doing business in Chicago.

Voters in the 7th Ward have mixed opinions.

You can read a copy of Holmes?s application here (pdf).


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