Sunday, February 3, 2013

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It?s cold. In fact, it?s really cold. It?s so cold there?s still snow outside my house, even though it hasn?t snowed for days. I?m wearing my thick dressing gown in the house even when the heating?s on and I?m quite literally sitting next to a radiator.

This wicked winter weather is bringing out lots of unexpected problems for dog owners up and down the country, including weight gain due to inactivity, sore joints and arthritic flare-ups because of the sheer cold, and the very lethal and very attention grabbing affects of grit and antifreeze when ingested by our beloved hounds (and moggies, for that matter).

Joints, Arthritis and Weight Gain

Because it?s so cold out there, I suspect most of us aren?t walking our dogs as often. And who can blame us really. Dexter has put on a bit of weight because he?s doing more mooching around the house and less galloping around the park, so I?ve reduced his portions down slightly.

Unfortunately I can?t put Dexter on a special low calorie feed because he?s got severe problems with his legs, and he needs his Symply Large Breed Adult for the insane amount of joint care in it (especially in this cold weather when bad joints and arthritis can flare up), so reducing his portions down will have to do. But for doggies that don?t have legs that misbehave, More Light Adult is an excellent low calorie feed to stop your mutt turning into a wobbly woofer.

While we?re on the subject of joints and arthritis, the older mutts among us can benefit from Symply Senior Light because it?s also got tons of joint care in it in the form of the much coveted glucosamine and condroitin. And it?s low calorie for the less active elderly doggy!

Warm Walkies

I decided that if it?s too cold for me to be outside without my coat then Dexter should have his on too. It?s still wet, sludgy and muddy outside, and Dexter loves to play, so I?ve been using his waterproof Outhwaite with it?s proper velcro fastenings and leg loops to stop it falling off when he?s rummaging around in piles of snow.

Great & Small also have some warm winter coats for smaller dogs, although they?re so fashionable you might not want to get them covered in mud!

Grit and Antifreeze ? Beware!

Speaking of snow, the roads around here have been gritted and just about everyone I know has been using the good old antifreeze to thaw their cars out (me included; getting to my branch of Pets Corner the other day almost didn?t happen!).

The only problem is the grit and antifreeze gets on paws and both are not too good when licked off? in fact, the antifreeze in particular is lethal. So, I?ve been wiping Dexter?s paws after every outing with John Paul Pet Full Body and Paw Bath Wipes. Please don?t forget to wipe their paws ? the consequences could be unthinkable.


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