Saturday, February 2, 2013

Educational Jobs In Maths And Physics Seen To Continue To Rise

The Department for Education, through the Teaching Agency, continues to step up its campaign to entice young people to take educational jobs. On one hand, many young people are opting to pursue other careers which they deem more glamorous or more profitable. On the other hand, the demand from the education sector remains. Particularly, there is a strong demand for teachers who are experts in maths and physics.

Many experts view maths and physics as the necessary foundation for the next generation of students, judging from the current trends in the labour market. Increasing the competencies of students in these areas will make it easier for them to cope with the demands of the labour market while the country can benefit greatly as a cadre of well-educated workers guarantee economic prosperity. Also, maths and physics serve to create a solid foundation for other subjects so it makes good sense to train students in these fields early on.

In recognition of the increasing demand for specialists in these subjects vis-a-vis the shortage of qualified instructors, the Teaching Agency is stepping up its recruitment efforts. For one, the agency is offering scholarships and tax-free bursaries for qualified individuals who would want to teach. Maths and physics specialists are eligible for a tax-free bursary of up to ?20,000 for their training. Other institutions like the Institute of Physics also offer scholarships. But aside from these, the agency also provides numerous platforms for prospective applicants to discuss the subject of transitioning from their specialty field into teaching youngsters.

Looking at current developments regarding the education sector, the demand would likely remain at a high for an indefinite period due to the popularity of jobs in other sectors, especially those related with technology, computers and the Internet. For schools, this can create a crisis especially in critical subjects like maths, physics and other sciences.

This is a perfect career opportunity for professionals from other countries seeking better professional experiences outside of their native land. For one, foreign professionals can lend their expertise to another country, helping them meet their demand especially in certain subjects. This is the same with schools, as this helps them immediately fill a need that cannot be easily managed in the short term. In forming a solution to meet the imbalance between supply and demand, teaching agencies play a crucial role by providing a vast pool of qualified personnel readily available for the schools' benefit.

This is the same with schools, as this helps them immediately fill a need that cannot be easily managed in the short term. Click here to learn more.


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