Sunday, December 9, 2012

G75VW-TH72 WINDOWS 7 downgrade from WINDOWS 8 Samsung 840 Pro 256g

Guys, I am stressed to the limit here. Please provide me with slack if I have re posted since I did not find the my topic

My problem
I just bought Asus G75VW-TH72 for 2 reasons I am an avid and devout Asus fan and I wanted 16 gigs of memory without having to tear down the laptop for that end.

Why do I need 16 gigs of memory? I am in the IT field and I use VMWare extensively.

What I have done so far. Booted and managed to get Windows 8 re-installed "OEM copy" seperate disc with a Samsung 840 Pro 256g SSD. That's where the success ends. I did not clone I do not believe in cloning an old drive to fresh system.
I did not make a backup of the original OS on the 750gig drive. I did that intentionally I have never used a stock install.

So here is my problem or what I felt is the problem.
I tried to install the Samsung Wizard Software on the Windows 8 drive and the OS shows the installer I am running Windows NT, 2000. Clearly I cant have that so I researched. Samsung has the software for download and they indicate they have
Windows 8 support. Well that is not true it fails with the same error.

So I ran other benchmark testers and found that I was not getting near the claimed IOPS, meg transfer speeds advertised. I was getting 507 read and 205 write that's pathetic.
Now I have decided after all the guides and optimization tutorials and suggestions just to go an install Windows 7 Ultimate instead.

Now onto the issue at hand.

I am not able to load Windows 7 on the SSD because the bios boot options for the BOOT do not show my DVD drive. I only
saw boot from the SSD Samsung 840, I put back in my original drive that came with the laptop and I still only have the HDD to boot from. I researched and found nothing helpful I found stuff just not useful.
Now I deleted the boot option the HDD and I still did not get to boot from DVD it will still not show up. I did not expect it to show but I can hope.

I tried to disable secure boot and this had no effect. I still can not see the dvd it does not show up. I can see the DVD/drive inside of windows only either HDD and always could.

I can see either HDD inside of bios but neither show as a boot option.

After all my changes I now do not have HDD or DVD option to boot from but I can see them both in bios.

Please someone help me out. I am not illiterate. I am no computer expert but I have some skills just not as good as some on this forum.

My question is this how in the heck do I recover a boot option and boot to DVD and install Windows 7? I do not want Windows 8 as an option at all. I only purchased this model for the memory and the 670m video card. No dual boot is required.
To recap

I need to install windows 7
I need to fix the no DVD/HDD boot option

I appreciate any and all help you can throw my way.
BTW Asus tech support told me that Windows and Microshaft have set this version of bios for the ASUS G75 line as restricted to what a user can change IE the boot options. That sounds silly to me.. Apologies for the novel.

Signed Desperate


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