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Direct Marketing ? Leaflet Distribution | What is How to

The definition of Direct Marketing can be described in several ways, whilst including several techniques that are available in the modern society. One simple definition of Direct Marketing? can be described as sending a promotional message directly to consumers, rather than via a mass medium, such as a television ad or media campaign. Direct Marketing includes methods such as, Direct Mail, Telemarketing, ?and Leaflet Distribution to potential customers / client?s doors. In order for a campaign to be effective there must be profiling and targeting strategies, excellent printing and leaflet distribution channels and services available.

Disadvantages of Leaflet Distribution


One main disadvantage of Direct Marketing and in particular leaflet distribution is that technology has now advanced to the online industry and leaflet distribution can be both very ineffective and difficult to target a certain market.

In addition, when leaflets are posted through potential customer?s door, many people just put them in the bin as ?rubbish?, leaving it difficult to know who has responded directly from the advert and also the unknown amount of the marketing budget that was spent has been wasted, due to the leaflet not been seen by the potential customer.

Advantages of Leaflet Distribution


The main advantage of leaflet distribution is that this method of posting leaflets, is a lot cheaper than most, if not all other direct and mass marketing methods. The other advantage is that this method can also be used as part of a marketing strategy that is designed to target the mass market, but at low cost. For example a national radio show may be the main component of your advertising / marketing strategy, but you may want to use leaflet distribution as part of that backup to re-emphasise what the message is to your target market.

Another advantage is the effectiveness it can have on a local community, for example, a local take-away has just opened and the business owner may want to distribute leaflets / take away menus within the local community, in order to introduce themselves to their potential customers. Leaflets can also be distributed through the use of newspapers and can to an extent help you target a more specific market, rather than random selected houses.

If the leaflet distributor / direct marketing company arranges and plans your direct marketing campaign to a high standard, using databases, the latest technology etc, then the chance that your marketing campaign targets and objectives will be achieved, if not exceeded will be greatly improved.

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