Saturday, August 18, 2012

Las Vegas Laser Eye Surgery Helps Bring Back Perfect Vision ...

There is a form of treatment for those who don?t have 20/20 vision but like to get rid of their eyeglasses or contact lenses. Visual acuity may be improved through Las Vegas laser eye surgery. It?s highly effective in refractive error correction.

Instead of a scalpel, light beams regulated to safe levels are used. The goal is to correct an abnormally shaped cornea, the problem which astigmatic, nearsighted or farsighted people share. By removing unnecessary layers of this part of the eye where light enters, perfect vision is regained. Such operation allows the individual to enjoy results that are permanent.

A patient doesn?t have to undergo general anesthesia, something that makes the procedure less intimidating. During the operation, no pain is experienced even though the individual is wide awake because anesthetic drops are placed in the eyes. When the drug wears off after the operation, discomfort may be felt. However, it naturally disappears upon resting.

It takes about 15 minutes only to treat both eyes. But it?s possible that a patient has to stay longer than that at surgical clinic for the preparation. Weeks before undergoing the treatment, you will be advised by the specialist to refrain from wearing contacts. It?s because the cornea needs to be mapped while in its normal shape to determine proper correction.

Because it is an ambulatory form of surgery, one may go home right after the operation, accompanied by somebody. It?s important to get plenty of rest and sleep in order to promote a speedier recovery process. A lot of those who had undergone it were able to go back to their jobs the following day, avoiding certain activities as specified by the specialist.

Finding a qualified and experienced specialist is the key to a successful Las Vegas laser eye surgery. Consult various ophthalmologists in the city who had gone through the necessary training. Choose one you are comfortable with and has an impressive experience to ensure that your eye caring needs are left in good hands.

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