Monday, June 10, 2013

How Apple's iOS Fragmentation Problems Distort Design Thinking

iosandroidEditor's note: Kevin Marks is VP of Open Cloud Standards at, and a host and co-founder of As someone who uses both Android and iOS regularly, I'm getting increasingly frustrated by fragmentation. However it's not on my Android devices I see this, but rather on the iOS ones. I install a popular, well-funded application like Instagram, Flickr, or Circa on my iPad, but when I launch it, three-fourths of the screen is black bars, with a teensy little app in the middle. Or I can choose to scale it up without smoothing, so jagged pixels I have't seen since the 1990s reinforce the sense that I am doing something wrong by attempting to run this app here. Every affordance is pushing back at me, saying I'm doing it wrong.


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