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50 More Muscle Building, Fitness and Diet Myths (100-150) | Gain ...

101)?If you train longer than 45 minutes your body will become catabolic and will start breaking down your muscle.

102)?Building muscle will make you slow.

103)?Building muscle will make you inflexible.

104)?If you don?t feel a burn then you did not get an effective workout.

105)?The more you sweat during your workout, the more calories you burn.

106)?Gatorade or Powerade is better after a workout then a Whey Protein Shake.

107)?You have to gain tons of body fat in order to gain tons of muscle.

108)?Low fat diets will keep you from getting fat.

109)?Muscles can be shaped with isolation movements.

110)?Having lots of muscle automatically means somebody is in good health.

111)?Carb loading is essential to maximize performance in the gym.

112)?Squats are dangerous and should be avoided.

113)?Lifting slowly is the only effective way at building muscle.

114)?Utilizing machines is completely useless for gaining muscle.

115)?Utilizing isolation movements is useless for gaining muscle.

116)?Slowed size and strength gains are a definite sign that you are doing something wrong and need to change your diet up.

117)?Running on a treadmill is more effective then running on pavement.

118)?Overtraining is completely common and is fine every once and a while.

119)?Stretching before lifting weights will lower your chance of injury.

120)?A vegetarian diet is far healthier than a diet high in meat.

Dumbbell Press

121)?Cardio will inhibit your ability to gain muscle.

122)?Squats will automatically give you massive glutes.

123)?Changing your eating habits is not necessary if you exercise, the results will be the same.

124)?If you don?t feel pain when lifting weights then your workout was ineffective.

125)?Working out when you?re sore is a bad idea.

126)?The shiniest equipment in the gym is the most effective equipment.

127)?Sweating will remove body toxins.

128)?Bicycling will increase the size of your legs better and faster then squats.

129)?Running is better for your legs then lifting weights.

130)?Ab exercises will make you lose your love handles.

131)?Working out for a brief period of time is not beneficial.

132)?How you feel before your workout always determines how you will perform during your workout.

133)?One bad workout means that you need a deload week.

134)?Cardio is the only thing required for good health.

135)?Having proper footwear is not essential, you can where whatever shoes you want to workout.

136)?Eating before bed will cause that food to be stored as fat.

137)?You should lose fat before starting a weightlifting routine.

138)?Everything your doctor tells you about your diet and health is 100% true and should be followed closely, without question.

139)?Cardio on an empty stomach is the best way to do cardio.

140)?A calorie is a calorie. The quality of calories you are eating does not matter.

141)?Water from things like juice, coffee and tea does not hydrate you.

142)?In order to lose weight you have to lower your calorie intake significantly.

143)?Having a cholesterol level is bad for you.

144)?High cholesterol levels will cause your arteries to clog and lead to heart disease.

145)?All polyunsaturated fats are good for you.

146)?Butter is not nutritious at all and is unhealthy for you.

147)?Eating things that are low in fat will improve your health.

148)?Eating ?low sugar? alternatives will improve your health 100% of the time.

149)?Lowering sodium intake is much more important then keeping a good sodium/potassium balance.

150)?All muscle building, fat loss and nutrition ?experts? are really experts.


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