Sunday, July 14, 2013

Microsoft Announces New Hardware Certification Requirements for Windows 8.1

Microsoft has promised that Windows 8.1 would spawn a new wave of devices and to make sure that all new units are capable to provide a unique experience, the company is also working on a new set of hardware certification requirements for the OS update.

As noted by ZDNet, all certified Windows devices will need to be equipped with Bluetooth in case they already have Wi-Fi capabilities, while front-facing 720p webcams will be a must-have for devices with integrated displays, such as tablets and notebooks.

Higher-fidelity speakers and microphones are also required for certified Windows devices.

Microsoft is also said to prepare the second-generation Surface tablet, so all these requirements could be an indication that the upcoming tablet might actually be much more advanced when it comes to hardware.

Of course, no details are yet available, but sources claim that the new Surface should be here by October.


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