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retractable window awnings - Helpful Tips in Search for the Perfect ...

I love anything that can be categorized as "home improvement". And my I love anything that can be categorized as "home improvement". And my latest craze is retractable window awnings. My love for it was re-ignited the moment I gazed at her during my recent Maryland visit. I just can't over those beautiful window awnings attached to officer's home that just instantly creates a homey ambiance.

This gives me an idea that transforming our homes is not that hard as I initially thought.

This inspired to do my little home improvement project. Based on the information I've obtain from my mini-research about window awnings, I learned that they are either made of wood, fabric and aluminum. But based with home improvement forum I've joined in, co-members told me that aluminum awning can be bulky. Others said that wooden are always a good choice, but it comes in a hefty price and not for I budding DIYers like me. They also gave me caution that metal and wood awnings are not adjustable. Just in case that there had been change of mind on my part regarding with its design, then I cannot modify it, sad to say.

Always constantly on the look for the perfect retractable awnings, I continued for the search. This exposed to myriad of awnings information. My research revealed that awnings come in different colors, styles and sizes. If you want a custom-made awning then you have to pay its price.

Finally, I found my perfect retractable window awning; it has a beautiful design to the extent that it almost looked like a custom-made. It feels that I had my window awning specially made for me, minus the high price.

Now that my search for perfect awning is over, I would love to share some important insights, who knows, these might help other find their perfect window awning too!

1. A marine-grade canvass is the best. It is made from UV-resistant fabric durable enough to stand strong sun's glare.

2. Window awnings are easy to install. In fact budding DIYers like me cab installed it hassle-free. Make sure that a complete installation guide is with you while installing.

3. Not all fabric window and door awnings are retractable. Make sure to ask this to your dealer when buying one to avoid confusion. If you opt for the easy adjusting retractable awnings, you might like the electronics ones. In this way raising and lowering your awning is convenient. They might expensive though, so take note on this.

4. Choose the right awning size. Generally standard windows are 2-2 sizes. While the bigger ones, 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft. sizes are usually fine.

5. Make sure that the color and style of your choice will goes well with the current design of your house. Just a hint: contemporary homes will look best with sleek, more pared-down styles while traditional homes will look best with formal awning designs.

6. Ensure that the your ordered retractable window awnings are backed up by a manufacturer's warranty. A three-year warranty period is acceptable enough.

7. Is your awning and its parts are replaceable? Some part of it might loosen up and needs replacement. Let's face it some awning's part are more prone to damage compared to other areas. Fabric for example is the most vulnerable part of then awning because it is the one most expose to weather elements. Just because the fabric is faded it does not mean that you will replace the entire awning. To cut the story short, make sure to ask your dealer if they sell replacement covers before you buy.

8. You might be surprised to know that retractable window awningsand door awnings is not that expensive? A quality canvass window awning will cost you $175 to $350 only.

Good luck with your awning search. Hope that may tips was helpful enough.

The author is a freelance writer that shares his insight on home improvement and different awnings or canopies, and tips on picking the right awning or canopies for your home or office. Feel free to learn more about awnings and canopies, and DIY guide visit this

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