Sunday, January 22, 2012

'Arrested Development' To Shoot This Summer?

Michael Cera updates MTV News on progress of 'Arrested Development' movie and new TV episodes.
By Josh Wigler, with reporting by Josh Horowitz

Michael Cera
Photo: MTV News

PARK CITY, Utah — Bluth-family fans collectively "blue" themselves when it was announced that "Arrested Development" would be coming back in both film and television form. Netflix announced late last year that they would be backing new episodes of "Arrested" that would pave the way for an eventual feature film.

Despite the good news, fans remain in the dark regarding when "Arrested Development" might actually go back into production. But according to Michael Cera, who spoke with MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival about his new movie "The End of Love," the Bluth reunion may be coming together sooner than expected.

"I've heard summer," Cera told MTV News. "So hopefully that's going to happen."

Still, like his "Arrested" costars, Cera is of the "I'll believe it when I see it" school of thought. "It's hard to be excited, because I don't feel any progress day to day," he said. "But I'm sure it's happening. I think it's just out of my realm of awareness. I'll be happy when we're on set doing it."

Cera's fellow "Arrested" actor Alia Shawkat also spoke with MTV News at Sundance and expressed her enthusiasm about getting back into the Bluth household sooner than later.

"It's been kind of following me around like a very attractive albatross," she said of her "Arrested Development" history. "But now it's hopefully going to happen. It would be very exciting."

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