Sunday, December 25, 2011

Smooth As Silk: US Hails Success of India-Japan-US Trilaterals

The entente that could change the world is off to a strong start.? US officials describe the first ever Japan-US-India trilateral talks as a huge success.? Foreign Policy?s The Cable reports:

Two State Department officials described the meeting for The Cable. ?What I really loved about it was that it just seemed like a very natural conversation among friends,? one of the officials said. ?The amazing thing about our governments is that we really have shared values. That?s the foundation of it all. That?s the glue that binds us together.?

But don?t worry, China, this isn?t about you.

The State Department wants to be clear that this week?s meetings were not about China. In fact, they said that the rise of China and how to deal with it wasn?t discussed at the Dec. 19 trilateral meetings.

?We did talk about China, but it was in the context of other things,? the official said. ?We were actually looking for things we could do jointly with China.?

So that?s all right, then.? I?m sure Beijing isn?t worried at all.


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